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Scheduling  Service

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Still not sure if we can be of help? Here are some frequently asked questions. Please contact us with further inquires!

Do you charge for your design services?

Yes, we charge for our design services, though there is no charge for the initial consultation. The fees vary based on the scale of your project.

When should I activate/winterize my irrigation system?

Typically, April or May are recommended for activation and October or November for winterization. Access into your home is needed in most cases, so please call the office at [telnumlink]303.944.7495[/telnumlink] to schedule your activation/winterization.

When should I plant my perennials & annuals in the spring?

We recommend waiting until after Mother’s Day to plant annuals & perennials to avoid late season frosts.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes! We accept Visa & MasterCard, & now offer online payments for your convenience.

Do you have special offers?

There are various special offers that we promote throughout the year. We generally notify our customers via email &/or standard mail.

Does your company offer financing?

We are partners with Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions & offer a variety of financing options. Please call our office at [telnumlink]303.944.7495[/telnumlink] for further details.

Do you provide tree trimming & removal services?

We have a complete Arbor/Tree Care Division staffed with ISA Certified arborists.

Do you provide snow removal services?

We offer commercial snow removal services only.


Landscape & Design, Inc.


Have a question? Need a quote? You know what to do.


Landscape & Design, Inc.


Have a question? Need a quote? You know what to do.